Gluten free Shortbread


These Shortbread contain no preservatives, additives except for the chocoatey yum which contains an olive oil based shortening, they are gluten and egg free. These Shortbread are made with a balance of New Zealand butter and just enough sugar to make a yummy, creamy and just sweet enough shortbread. They come in 4 yummy different flavours.

$5.00 Per 150g Packet:                                                                   
Zesty Lime
chocolaty Yum
Ingredients for plain shortbread: rice, potato, tapioca, butter with the addition of fresh lime juice and zest for zesty lime. Chocolaty yum are also dairy free, we use the addition of an organic cocoa and dairy free shortening.


Other biscuits for wheat and gluten free diets


These biscuits contain no preservatives, additives, they are full of flavour and range from gluten and wheat free to gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free.

  • ​​​Ginger Crunchies (Gluten free,  wheat free, dairy free and egg free. Similar to a Ginger nut they are great for dunking and you wont lose any in your hot drink with a fantastic ginger taste, totally yummy.)
  • Belgium Biscuits (NEW) (These are gluten and wheat free​.)
  • Jam Toppers (NEW) (Gluten and wheat free)